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1. General

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2. Information

The information and contents of all the pages in this Website (the “Information”) were created to provide general information about Kayros Group and the services it provides.

3.Warranty disclaimer and limitation of liability

The Information published in this Website is provided only for general information purposes. Kayros Group will make reasonable efforts to include accurate and updated Information on the Website, but it Will not be liable for the information present in this Website. All information is provided “such as it is”. Consequently, the visitors to the website should carefully assess the information. Kayros Group does not guarantee the integrity or accuracy of the website information or its possible uses. Kayros Group will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequent, penaly or other type of damages caused by the access, usage or trust in the information or impossibility of using the information or content changes on this website which Kayros Group can make at any moment.

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5. Brands/intellectual property rights

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6. Links to other websites

This Website can contain links to other web pages or websites from third parties. Kayros Group does not guarantee nor will it be liable for contents or information which the user obtains from the mentioned pages or websites.

7. Links to Kayros Group website

No link from this Website can be included on other website without previous written consent of Kayros Group, exception made to the domain of this Website, unless it only directs the visitor to the Website home page, opening an independent window with Kayros Group full name and corresponding warning that the visitor is accessing a third party website.

8. Website availability

Kayros Group does not ensure the permanent access to the Website nor guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements on the Website or server. The user, and not Kayros Group, will be responsible for the costs with maintenance, repairing or corrections to his/her hardware, software or information caused by any viruses, harmful elements or others.

9. Reviews

Kayros Group can review at any moment the present conditions and update this notice. The user will be bound by the mentioned reviews and should therefore visit this page periodically to know the terms in force at any moment and to which he/she will be bound.

Editor’s note

Since this is in effect a legal document, and I am of course not a lawyer, I am hesitant to change any of the language contained herein.