Kayros Group Chairman and Founder, Victor Lopez, won 2 Napolitan Victory Awards on September 1st in Washington DC. Considered the “Oscar” of global political consulting and communication Mr. Lopez got the awards in the categories of “Revelation Consultant of the Year” and “Technology of the Year Applied to Politics “

Mr. López was nominated in a total of 7 categories -being the consultant with the highest number of nominations this year- like: Political Consultant of the Year, Campaign of the Year, Company of the Yea, Political Innovation of the Year and Digital Campaign of the Year.

The awards recognizes him eight years experience advising many presidents, candidates, Heads of State and Ministers in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands Antilles, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cayman Islands.

Victor Lopez is considered one of the 100 most influential political professionals of the year by The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences (WAPAS). He is the Chairman and Founder of Kayros Group a global communications consultancy firm and collaborative business network with the Georgetown University Latin American Board Support.

The awards were delivered on August 31 and September 1 in Washington DC, the world political capital. The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences (WAPAS) recognizes Victor Lopez experience and includes the spanish consultant in the top worldwide list of the most influential consultants such as Dick Morris, Joseph Napolitan, Jim Messina and Carlos Souto.

The Napolitan Victory Awards (or Napolitans in honor of the father of political consulting, Joseph “Joe” Napolitan) are awarded to the world’s largest political consultants. It is the only award whose call extends to more than 21 countries and includes a variety of categories ranging from state and local campaigns to those that dispute the presidency of a Country.