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Winning is Just the Beginning. Public Policy Advice that Create Better Societies, Responds to the Demands of the People and Leaves Behind a Powerful Legacy.

Communicate and Connect

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in Strategy, Research & Modern Political Communication. We’re Always Aware of the Latest Developments in Political Marketing ,

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And Use it to Help Understand the Idiosyncrasies of the Latin American and Africa Political System and in Turn, Reach the Objectives of Our Clients.

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We Know and Understand the Complex Operation of Politics and Therefore, We Work Together With Our Clients in Order to Build and

Ensures Success

Strengthen their Relations at the Governmental and Political Level.

Main Services

Institutional relationships within the local, autonomic, national, and international sphere, Department of Communication, Audiovisual Production, Social Networking, International Relations USA–Europe–LATAM-Africa candidate, Electoral Program Development, Earthen structure Development, Management of relationships with group of interests (stakeholders), Coalitions creation, Drafting of speeches and arguments, Drafting of intelligence reports, surveys, polls…





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Analysis of the needs of citizens and construction of a proposal esemble unit to obtain the support of the citizens.

KAYROS leads the implementation of the strategy of the campaign with an ad hoc team.
We help companies to defend their legitimate interests in the public, political and corporate environments, articulating 6 main points: analysis of the current legislative context and its environment, intelligence, tailoring messages to each audience, a 360º strategy to include the entire relational spectrum of the company and building strong alliances for the future.
Quantitative surveys, qualitative surveys, semiotic analysis, neuro-intelligence, image audit.

Fundraising Strategy
A recurrent problem that hurts many campaigns is the lack of resources. KAYROS has developed a training program that is aimed to help our clients understand what an effective Fundraising Strategy entails. This allows the candidate to have economic viability throughout their electoral campaigns.
Day E Strategy
This is an integral program that is involved in everything from defining a strategy for the mobilization and logistic control of Election Day, to the control and protection of voting. We make use of a telephonic poll that makes up to 100,000 cases on Election Day. This feature broadens coverage, reduces statistical errors, and eliminates logistical errors.


Governability Strategy

Today, governance is more than just a good relationship between the branches of government.

For a leader to be successful, a fluent conversation must be established between all sectors of society. KAYROS counts on a program that, besides evaluating the perception and impact generated by governmental public policy, allows for the creation of effective communication between leaders and the people, which means government can respond to the demands of the citizens while building a lasting reputation for the leader.

Government Communication

Government communication is more difficult than campaign communication — as opposed to the latter where you have to create and communicate a single message, the government has to deal with various audiences and topics.

KAYROS advises governments in establishing a comprehensive communication system that defines strategies and ensures conformity to standards across teams, with training and implementation. We even provide monitoring and effective methods of controlling messages.

Government Crisis

Throughout their careers, our consultants have been involved in resolving many of the most notorious crisis and conflict situations of governments in Latin America.

We offer governments an exclusive method to successfully address crisis situations and achieve a favorable result, without affecting the operation of government.


For each project, after a thorough investigation, we constructed a valued proposal tailored that allows hit the target in the strategic decisions. We are committed to achieving targets stipulated by the customer, because we want to build lasting and successful relationships.


Mass text messaging in political campaigns

Reach potential supporters and voters by text message or pre-recorded phone call.

A key part of any political campaign strategy should be selecting the right communications tools. SMS text messaging & Robocall can help you get your message out quickly to supporters and voters. Organize rallies, register new voters, increase voter turnout and remind supporters about the key issues of your campaign.

More effective than sending emails.

98% of recipients read or listen their text messages, 90% within 3 minutes.

Available on any mobile phone.

Most cell phones receive text messages and calls. No need to download apps or have a smartphone.

Best way to reach younger voters.

95% of 18-29 year use text and average 87.7 text messages on a normal day.

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