In Kayros Group we are experts with years of experience in the development of successful communication solutions specialized in:

  • Corporate and Public Affairs; Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructures, Transport & Logistics, Tourism & Country Promotion, Sports &  Entertainment; Healthcare & Wellness and Mass Consumption & Distribution Business Strategies.

We offer personalized services and targeted for each audience:


    Strategic definition on the attributes of a brand that manages various internal and external communication of the public company, setting targets, deadlines and results.


    Reputation Management in relation to the public authorities to identify opportunities, anticipate change and design models of risk analysis.


    Implementation of communication tools for positioning, strengthen and improving customer relationships with the public, the media and public institutions.


    Strategies to prevent compromising situations for companies or institutions: active listening on the network, image audit, crisis manual, selection and media training spokespeople, track reputation and image building, and early warning.


    Development of audiovisual products to enhance company media communication, social networking, corporate events and internal activities.


    Positioning and leading social networking company, through the establishment of early warning systems and monitoring, collection of relevant information and relevant knowledge, identifying patterns and proactive communication.

We want to build bridges. We want to multiply results.
Above all, manage dialogs for influence and impact on the business.
We make companies stronger by promoting strategic alliances and managing risks adequately:
  • Reputation and Corporate Positioning
  • Finance Communication, Investors Relations
  • Crisis and Issues
  • Corporate Relations and Market Access
  • Events.
We turn consumers into fans through strategies that mobilize.
  • External Communication and Public Relations
  • Online Communication
  • Consumer Specialized Communication
  • IT Specialized Communication
  • Health Specialized Communication.
People make companies. They are the pillars, the basis, the beginning and the driving force of change.
We help organizations to turn employees into allies, facilitating and driving their commitment to corporate challenges:
  • Internal Communication
  • People Engagement and Employer Branding
  • Training and Development for Management
  • Managing Change and Management Alignment
  • Culture and Values in Family Enterprises.

We Have the Best Team of Professionals.

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