We develop complete projects or interventions in specific areas requested by the customer. We are not a generic survey supermarket. The developed is based from a methodology adapted to each project. We are a research boutique that provides customized solutions for our customers by providing in-depth analysis and insight that allow us to develop effective strategies.


Our structured design, has as a goal and commitment provide the best results in this study.

Successfully Position


We studied and analyzed the effects of actions to give effect to the political campaigns, social or commercial.

Comprehension and to Anticipate us


The validity of the information is required to create the opportunity to put your business or project on the right track.

It Changes the Attitude and the Conduct

We cannot conduct research today as we did twenty years ago. Today’s research requires speed, control and effectiveness.


    Positioning a product or candidate successfully requires a wide knowledge of the market or population. Underestimating any factors can condemn even the best product to failure. If it can be done, it should be done.


    Accurately interpreting public opinion is a key skill when it comes time to make decisions. Whether it is in business or in politics, there is nothing more useful than detailed information on audiences, consumers and voters. Kayros has excellent programs to help you figure it out.

Quantitative surveys, qualitative surveys, semiotic analysis, neuro-intelligence, image audit, political intelligence.


    You can discover how to create and how to internalized the meaning and the value assigned to things. It means that you can know what the consumer is thinking and feeling about the big concepts that arise and before the new social challenges.


    Monitor the impacts of a brand in digital media, blogs and social networks.
    Analyze quantitatively -the online presence-, and qualitative –brand value-, the information of the brand published in online media, blogs and social networks.


    Define and anticipates trends in behavior of the target to design an effective strategy either a short or long-term campaign.
    Speed up decision making by analyzing trends, identifying threats and opportunities.


    It locates business opportunities and it helps businesses to set up in the Latin American market.


    Analysis of information that enables companies to have a risk analysis in the political field ensuring secure investments.


    View and measure the emotional reactions of individuals to different media stimuli, to understand and anticipate trends in the behavior of voting decision, support or purchases.
    Analyzes emotional reactions to implement the political, social or commercial campaigns.


    One-on-one structured or semi-structured conversations with potential buyers or industry experts.

    – Excellent for in-depth testing of research hypotheses and insights into the psyche of buyers.
    – Access to qualitative data
    – Ability to explore and probe responses


    Small, structured group meeting consisting of 5 to 20 participants from a target market segment or a cross-section of a value chain.

    – Ideal for ascertaining interest in abstract or new concepts
    – Excellent for pre-testing ideas
    – Generation of new research hypotheses
    – Exploration of new and unrelated topics as they arise


    Closed research instrument designed to test attitudes and perceptions on current product offerings or clearly defined future offerings. Can include quantitative and qualitative data.

    – Quantitative data provides rigorous foundation for other qualitative methods
    – Data easy to tabulate and generalize from assuming high enough sample size
    – Depending on distribution channel, relatively inexpensive
    – Good for sensitive issues


    In-store (or at the point of sale) observation of customers using or considering the purchase of a product.

    – Inexpensive if observation is “blind”
    – Access to real life data

What Else You Got?

A Big Value To Develop Your Successful Plan Of Business.

We must know in depth psychographic and demographic aspects that should allow to know more in detail the profile of the client to which the offer will speak.

The markets investigation can provide the necessary information to put its business or emprendimiento in the correct way. Also it can be of big value as it develops its business plan.

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