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CAREERS: We are Professionals of experienced, in KAYROS we are ready to offer the best service.



Great talent is a key component in our KAYROS formula for success. For us, hiring the best professionals in the industry is just as important as engaging them in a unique professional development journey.  We do challenging and rewarding work for our clients and offer the on-the-job and formal training opportunities necessary to excel in the business world today –all in a collaborative environment. Our employees embark in unparalleled client experiences that set the standard of effectiveness in our industry. In everything we do, we look to ensure that KAYROS is the platform for professional and personal advancement.

We have grown based on a deep commitment to effectiveness. Always effective because our client’s trust is our most important asset.

For our team we are looking for a consultant with an added-value vision who aims to provide comprehensive solutions to his clients, contractors and his associates to achieve sustainable results for today’s ever-changing world, as well as future challenges. At KAYROS, you’ll be joining a company that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to solve real problems for companies all over the world. Whether you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate, a junior or senior professional, or a seasoned veteran in a different career, we’ll help you turn your years of study and experience into tangible achievements through a vast array of career opportunities and development programs.

Learn new skills, work across different disciplines or move into new challenges. KAYROS is the perfect place to develop professionally and economically.

Experience different industries. Use cutting-edge technology. Work and learn alongside the brightest minds in the business. Everything you’ve envisioned is possible at KAYROS.

Few consulting firms offer opportunities like KAYROS. Gain knowledge in a wide array of specialized fields, work in a challenging and stimulating environment, and be rewarded well for it on top of it all. We have created multidisciplinary consulting services designed to satisfy  our clients.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and quantum leap your career?

“Who doesn’t want to be part of a prestigious organization, working alongside the most brilliant minds in consulting, and where the future is your present, every day?”

If you are looking for new challenges,  KAYROS is the right company for you.




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